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The Inside Guide to America's Nursing Homes, by Robert Bua, ranks Long View Nursing Home as "the elite quality of care nursing home" and in "the top 15% of all nursing homes statewide."

Quality of Life

  • Liberal visiting hours/no age restrictions
  • Public library Services/in-house book and video library with VCR availability in-room
  • Pet therapy (family pets welcome)
  • Cable television and laundry at no extra charge
What creates quality?
"A leader in quality."

 Aim and main purpose is to operate Long View Nursing Home in the highest standards of our profession and to provide each individual with a home-like atmosphere giving understanding and kindness, thus making one's stay a pleasant experience.

     Questionnaires are annually sent to residents and families for input. Each department head performs quality reviews in their area of expertise. Licensed nurses perform quality assurance rounds on all three shifts. The commitment of various levels of employees from each department performing quality checks leads to a thorough review of the facility.

     Long View has been family owned and operated for 50 Years. It is located in a residential setting with a "home-like" atmosphere. Click here to see the history of Long View

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