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The following testimonials are from staff, residents, and family members of Long View Nursing Home.  We hope you will find Long View to be a pleasant experience as well.

Resident Testimonials:

* " I have been a patient for two years.  I am happy with the service.  I have met many people here for the same reason, who have become great friends."

* " They are wonderful people and they take care of me.  I have nothing negative to say and I have been here for a year.  The staff are wonderful people and they are very helpful."

* " I have been a resident sincce October 20, 2002.  I feel good, treated good, and eat and sleep well.  I know the owners and they are great people."

* " I came here a year ago and I am pleased with everything.  I have had excellent care."

Family Member Testimonials:

* " My mom was admitted to Long View not even remembering my name.  She had suffered a severe head trauma and we were led to believe at the hospital that she would recover very little memory or life skills.  Through caring, diligent attention and excellent nursing care and therapy, my mom has made a miraculous recovery.  She is taking in the environment and I couldn't be more pleased.  The staff are always available for questions and the communication is great!"

* " My mother has been a resident at Long View Nursing Home for five years.  I highly recommend Long View to anyone placing a loved one in a nursing home.  It's hard to separate from a loved one, but Long View gives me great relief knowing my mom is in a home-like environment, and not just a facility.  Long View Nursing Home employees go the extra mile, it's not just a job to them.  I will never be able to repay them for all of the love and care that the staff have provided for my mom.  God Bless all the employees at Long View Nursing Home, as each one gives in their own special way."

* " Long View has become my home away from home, since my husband has been a resident.  The staff are our adopted family because they care, and take charge of his welfare when I am not there.  I thank each and everyone for their T.L.C. and may God bless them."

* " We have found Long View Nursing Home to give quality of care to our family members, within a family atmosphere.  There are activities for the patients to enjoy to keep them physically and mentally active and alert."

* " My mother has been a resident of Long View Nursing Home since October 1992.  The administrators, admitting personnel, staff, registered nurses and nursing aides made this an easy adjustment from home to a nursing home environment.  Long View has  staff of many dedicated departments:  Housekeeping does an excellent job of keeping the building clean and well maintained.  The Laundry and Maintenance departments are always willing to assist the residents, and the Nursing Aides are very helpful.  The Activities Director does an excellent job with planning various and numerous activities, and then implementing them with the capable assistance of her staff.  The Charge nurses do an excellent job of keeping the patient's family informed of doctor's orders and other conditions that may occur.  As my mother's ability to care for herself has decreased, staff from the Therapy Department have been assisting her in her walking so that her mobility can be maintained.  My mother, relatives, and friends have been very happy with her residence at Long View.  And most important, we are always greeted with a friendly smile and " hello" from the receptionist and all other staff in the facility."


* " I am proud to be a member of the Long View staff.  It is evident on a daily basis that the care and comfort of those residing here is top priority- not only to the nursing staff, but all departments."

* " The quality of care at Long View surpasses other nursing facilities.  The fact that it is" family-owned" gives you the feeling of real personalized care.  You should just walk through the facility and you'll feel and see the difference.  Their saying, " Let Our Family Care For Your Family"  goes a long way at Long View."

* " Long View is family owned and operated, as evident by the care taken to ensure every resident feels as though this is also their home.  Wheather they are here long or short-term, every person is treated as family.  Long View is unique in that a large portion of the staff have been a part of Long View for years.  The care residents recieve at Long View is focused on each person as an individual and based on their needs not only physically, but emotionally.  I am proud to be a part of the Long View family, and look forward to many years of caring for our community."

* " Long View provides quality care with a team effort.  As we say, " there is no "I" in team".  We work together to get the best result in exceptional care."

* " Long View is a place of in-service training and hands on nursing care.  The training is of one that can really help anyone in nursing grow."

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